This is the home of WA1TCC, Madison, Florida

Whiskey Alpha One Tango Charlize Charlize.

We are under reconstruction so come back soon. You can get to my working page and Three Dogs Barking from the short menu

Working the Bands

WA1TCC working page. Feel free to use this to help in your radio connections and get more QSLs! Each link opens in a new tab. More coming with further separation into functional listings. Come back soon! Updated 11/21/20 more coming.

Our Varied Interests

Click on an image and see where it will take you. You will get a pop up warning of whats there first. Pictures coming soon!

Books, Books and more books

In my second Life I have started writing books. It is an interesting time involving both writing skills, photography and graphic editing. I am focusing on my martial arts training but will be expanding into health and diet and eventually some radio volumes. See the complete list of my books as they are published at Amazon link Sifu Bob


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