Your source for local rough cut lumber for your building projects, hard wood trailer boards and full size lumber for furniture projects. also, you may find that old old item that just looks great in your home. Kevin has added a number of pictures on this page to peak your interest. Tables, shelves and counter tops are all possible. Live oak,red oak, cherry, pecan and old growth pine has been cut and dried and can be cut to address your needs.


Three Dogs Barking

For a local connection to quality wood whether it is for trailer boards or for furniture, Three Dogs Barking has fresh and dried lumber. All sizes are true so there is plenty for planing. Trailer boards can be cut to your choice of length up to 16 feet. A quantity of dried boards are ready to re do your trailer. For furniture, there is pine of course, but look to the hardwoods. You cannot afford to buy at the lumber yards but the prices are great here. Cherry, Pecan and Live and red oak are cut and dried with more coming in. Other wood is occasionally available. This is a hobby so come to deal.

Kevin is busy in the yard working lumber so send your telephone number in an email to Three Dogs Barking and he will call you in the evening. He is located in Madison. Look below at some of this wood butcher's work with just wood waste. Real furniture is in the works with cherry end tables and pecan cabinets in the works.

We have some new projects below. A number of projects are cut and ready for assembly. With Wood up 300% its nice to still be able to work with some. Sned your phone number and see what he has to keep your projects going. Out next big one is all new closet shelving later in the summer. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO GET A REVIEW OF Kevin's WOOD.
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