Wood, wood and more wood.

I like working with wood and building things - from as small as a desktop card holder to the benches in my Shack. I will post pictures here and any interesting information. For those interested, I get all my wood from Kevin who lives next to me. He is a sawyer. Actually, he is a retired Special Forces Major who in his retirement has never slowed down. He is building and cutting every day. He cuts full size lumber from everything local. There is cherry, pecan, Live and Rec Oak, pine and cypress. Much of it dried and always new logs coming. If you need wood for any project you can make a great deal with him. Just send your telephone number to the email address on this page and he will contact you. Follow the link below to see his wood and toys!

Contact us at threedogsbarking@wa1tcc.net 

We are rebuilding.