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by Sifu Bob

In my second Life I have started writing books. It is an interesting time involving both writing skills, photography and graphic editing. I am focusing on my martial arts training but will be expanding into health and diet and eventually some radio volumes. See the complete list of my books as they are published at Amazon link/

Sifu Bob

Tai Chi Cane

Tai Chi Cane is complete. TT loved weapons and when he saw a cane form in the studio he took the basics and changed it into a Tai Chi form and new tool in his arsenal. A new tool for the Tai Chi Chaun player. It covers all the basics including making a cane and learning all the strikes. There is a simple two person set and a form. Coming next will be a book on the advanced cane and stick use in internal arts.This is that form slightly altered and providing basic usage and applications.

Internal Arts Primer

Internal Arts Primer covers the three major Internal arts and provides a high level description of each and a series of exercises focused on each art. For the beginner or advanced Martial artist who is looking to learn more about the Internal arts and which would be of interest to study. This book provides enough information to start a simple practice but anyone interested should the advance to an appropriate teacher.

Eighten and Eights

Eighteen Lohan and Eight Brocades are the most popular Qigong sets. Each has its place in the study of Internal arts. This book provides a complete breakdown of each Qigong set and the basic understanding to start practicing the sets to increase energy and health as well as understanding the Internal movements of energy. This volume will be followed by a second focusing on the esoteric energy work associated with there valuable Internal exercises.


A must play set of exercises that develop the body inconjunction with the Internal development of power.

Tai Chi Chuan Vol 1 Fundamentals

It covers the fundamentals of Yang Tai Ch'i Chuan in the lineage of the Professor.

Tai Chi Dao

The Dao is a book on the Chinese Broadsword. It is focused on the teachings of Grandmaster T.T. Liang and his use of the scarf as part of the weapon.

Coming soon

Tui Shou

San Sou

Tai Ch'i Chuan Vol 2 - the Theory


Tai Chi Jian - sword

Tai Chi Staff and Spear

Double Dao